Happy 2024! We’d like to share some important organizational news.

After nearly 40 years as an educator and nonprofit professional, Eric Law is planning to retire from Promising Pages in December 2025. Yes, that’s almost two years away, but we’re working to manage our succession planning as strategically and intentionally as possible.

Accordingly, Eric and Kelly Cates have exchanged job titles as of January 1, 2024. Kelly is taking the reins as Executive Director, and Eric will remain on the team as Deputy Director.

We’re already started to rearrange job functions for the two of us and the rest of our team, to continue to increase our collective efficiency and effectiveness. We will each continue with many of the tasks we’ve always handled, but we will continue to tweak task assignments as necessary in preparation for 2026 and beyond.

We’re both excited about this transition, and look forward to continuing to work together with each other, our colleagues, and our partners to realize our important mission.

Thanks so much for your partnership and support!