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About Books on Break

Books on Break was piloted in 2016 as a Read Charlotte initiative in partnership with and operated by Promising Pages. It is part of a continuum of key interventions identified by Read Charlotte to improve third grade reading proficiency in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

We Need Your Help Image Now a Promising Pages program, Books on Break provides FREE pop-up book fairs, at targeted CMS elementary schools, before summer breaks. Pre-K to third grade students get the opportunity to select five books and a drawstring bag to keep and take home. The majority of these books come from children who have simply outgrown them making Books on Break the largest book up-cycling project in the Charlotte region.

Research out of Harvard shows children need access to at least 5 age and subject appropriate books to spark their reading interest and prevent “brain drain” or “summer slide”. Many children don’t have access to books and go the whole summer without reading. When they come back to school, they’re behind in reading an average of three months. These losses add up over time and are very difficult to recover from. Books on Break was created to address this very issue!

Books on Break is Growing

Image from Books on BreakThe Books on Break pilot, completed in December, 2016 provided books to more than 4,000 children in need. With the addition of the spring Books on Break, Promising Pages served over 8,000 students, in 15 CMS schools, and distribute over 56,000 books.  This is a huge community effort and Books on Break needs your support! We hope you will consider being a part of this extraordinary effort!


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Books on Break 2019 was made possible by the generous financial contributions, book donations, and volunteer support of local foundations, businesses and nonprofit agencies across the community.

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Literacy in Charlotte

Charlotte Book Desert

(Red: Book Deserts, Green/ Yellow: Book Surplus)

Read Charlotte used data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) to identify a “book desert” in the middle of Mecklenburg County. According to the NAEP, 48% of low-income CMS fourth graders in spring 2015 reported having less than a bookshelf of books (25) of any kind at home. Anecdotal reports from teachers and principals in CMS schools support the finding that many students return to homes over the winter and summer breaks with few or no books to read.



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